Transcription services

Disciplinary Hearings

Disciplinary hearings are a necessity in most businesses with
employees. It is important that the information in these meetings is accurately

Grievance Hearings

An employee has a right to raise a grievance if they feel that a problem has not been sorted. Help on Tap can accurately transcribe recorded grievance meetings.

Interview Transcription

Help on Tap’s Interview Transcription Service can transcribe your interview efficiently. 

University Transcription

As a University student you may need to carry out research interviews. This may be part of your thesis or dissertation. We have extensive experience of transcribing university interviews. 

Journalists and Freelance Writers

As a Journalist you may record conferences and need them transcribed. You will often perform interviews and you may not have the time to transcribe them yourself. That’s where Help on Tap can assist.

Covert Recordings

It is sometimes necessary to secretly record a conversation. We have experience of transcribing these types of files. Unfortunately the quality is usually poor and they would be classed as difficult.