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Virtual Assistant Services

Our Virtual Assistant services help business owners with the mundane administrative tasks they would rather not do.  This leaves them to concentrate on the ‘big’ jobs that they do best.

Employing someone full-time to do the everyday legwork for your business can be challenging financially.

That’s where our Virtual Assistant services come in handy.

Benefits of a virtual assistant

Cost Savings: The big benefit of using Virtual Assistant services rather than taking on a full time employee is that you can pick and choose when you use them. You may just need a VA for a couple of hours a week or to complete a specific task, such as updating an Excel spreadsheet. You simply pay the set rate for that work

Gain More Time: Rather than spending your time doing tedious tasks such as typing notes, transcribing an interview or filling in a spreadsheet, you can pass this over to your VA and get on with more important things.

It’s Convenient: Using Virtual Assistant services gives your business a lot of flexibility. For a start, you are not tied to workplace issues such as paying tax and national insurance or constrained by employment law. How much work your VA undertakes can vary depending on circumstances.

No Limitations: You don’t have to find someone locally as Virtual Assistant services operate online and they can provide their services from anywhere in the world. That gives you a much bigger talent pool to choose from. I have worked with people in the US and Bermuda.

What Virtual Services can we offer?

  • Business documentation: This includes typing up handwritten minutes for a meeting, formatting and editing a business plan, creating accurate transcripts  or handling emails for you.
  • Excel spreadsheets: Let’s face it, spreadsheets are a mystery to most people. To someone who knows what they are doing, however, they are a powerful business tool.  Our Virtual Assistant services can help create, for example, templates for tracking your expenses or giving an overview of your operating budget. We can also input data so you don’t have to find the time in your busy schedule.
  • Formatting eBooks: It’s not just budding authors that are interested in eBooks. Businesses can make extra money or provide guides for their customers that have marketing value. A Virtual Assistant can help you edit the book, format it for publication on sites like Amazon.


  • Social media: Marketing is one area that can take up a lot of time when you are a small business. Virtual Assistants can offer social media management, creating posts and ensuring they are automatically published according to schedule.
  • Audio transcription: Whether it’s an academic speech or lecture that you need to transcribe or you’ve been working with a focus group, getting it all down in a word document takes time. VAs have excellent typing skills and the use of transcribing software to deliver accurate documents.
  • Blog management: Blogs are a great way to increase the visibility of your business. But do you have time to write regularly? Again, this is something that a good Virtual Assistant can certainly help you with, especially if they have marketing experience.

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