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How a Virtual Assistant Company Can Help You

At Help on Tap, a Virtual Assistant Company, Liverpool we understand the pains of running a business, and our goal is to help you relieve these. It goes without saying that running a business comes with its share of challenges. These include your admin tasks, posting on social media, coordinating schedules, and staying on top of communication which can leave you feeling stretched very thin.

Imagine focusing solely on why you set up your business and passing over the mundane admin to a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant will help you to streamline your operations, enhance productivity, and provide you with the support needed to grow your business. 

Let Help on Tap Virtual Assistance reduce your stress and give you back some time to focus on what you love doing best. Your success is our priority. Contact Chris now to discuss how a personal assistant can help your business move forward.

The Benefits of Using A Virtual Assistant Company Liverpool

There are lots of benefits to using virtual assistant services and we will look at the main ones:

Increase Your Productivity: You can gain time to focus on more important business tasks thus increasing productivity and efficiency.

Cost savings: You will save money by hiring a virtual assistant company rather than hiring a full-time employee. Check out this post on the cost savings of hiring a virtual assistant. This is because you only pay for the hours that you need your personal admin assistant for. In addition, you do not pay for overheads such as holidays, training, pension etc.

Flexibility: You have the flexibility of a virtual admin assistant working around your schedule. This can be particularly beneficial for businesses with irregular hours or businesses that require support outside of normal business hours.

Access to specialised skills: You gain access to specialised skills such as IT, website management, document creation, and Excel. This can be particularly useful for businesses that do not have other staff to handle these tasks.

Scalability: You can scale up or down your virtual support depending on your needs. This makes it easy for you to adjust your support as your needs change, without the need to hire or fire employees.

Overall, your business will increase productivity, save costs, and gain access to specialised skills, among other benefits.

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Working With a Virtual Assistant Company, Liverpool

Virtual Secretary UK Email

One off Project

Contact us to discuss your project and obtain a free no obligation quote. We only take on projects that can be worked virtually.
Hourly prices start from £30 and projects must be paid in advance.

Executive Assistant

Monthly Packages

We offer monthly hourly packages.
Costs and timescales will be agreed in advance and a contract will be drawn up.
Hourly prices start from £30 and packages must be purchased in advance.

Virtual Secretary UK Software

Working Virtually

Files can be sent via software such as WeTransfer. Other software will be utlised to carry out tasks and will be discussed in advance. This may need to be purchased by you if we do not already have this software.

Why should you use A Help on Tap Virtual Assistant?

Why use A Virtual Assistant Company?

Help on Tap gives realistic deadlines and we will not take on a project if we feel we cannot complete it in the time specified.

Plus, we only take on tasks that we are competent in.

Due to this our quality remains high and that's why we've had the same clients for over 12 years.

An immense benefit of using a virtual assistant is you use them only as you require. This can be on a project basis or an hourly package.

In addition, to improve your business image a virtual assistant can create professional user-friendly documentation or forms.

Another consideration is it takes time to hire a full time employee. And what if, after going through that process, it doesn’t work out?

In conclusion, a pay as you go virtual assistant is a much cheaper option that you can utilise as and when required.

Help on Tap's Testimonials

“I requested Christina’s services last year to design a website for my Nursery School based in Bermuda. I am extremely pleased with the website that Christina developed. She also produced my logo which I used as a sign outside the Nursery.

In addition, she proofread a number of documents and forms that I created for the business, finding errors that I did not spot. These documents were then converted into PDF files.

We worked well together remotely and she maintains my website efficiently. Parents have commented on the site and the ease of use.”

Fiona Carruthers
Once Upon a Time Nursery

“When I was launching the new 300 page website, I hired Christina to proof the main text and links. She far exceeded my expectations in terms of the amount and quality of work she completed in a very tight timescale. She really went the extra mile not only proofing as requested but also making excellent constructive suggestions for improvements – an invaluable service.

I would not hesitate to use her service again and will gladly recommend her to others.”

Zena Barrick

“After seeing the great job Christina had done on my wife’s web site, I asked her with some help on my own.

Her professional approach to the job was amazing. You feel very secure knowing she is on your team. With her fast responses, to the friendly and very helpful phone conversations, from the small bit of information I gave Christina she was able to come up with exactly what I was looking for.”

Ian Carruthers
Bermudaful Catering

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