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Help on Tap has been providing virtual assistance for businesses and students since 2008. 

Our emphasis is on providing a quality service.  

We ensure all our transcripts and documents are thoroughly checked to ensure the highest quality possible.

We pride ourselves in giving realistic deadlines so we can meet your expectations.

Our business services are competitively priced.  Please contact us and we will advise if we are able to help you. 

If you have any questions at all please contact us via telephone or our contact form.


I requested Christina’s services last year to design a website for my Nursery School (Once Upon a Time Nursery) based in Bermuda. I am extremely pleased with the website that Christina developed. She also produced my logo which I used as a sign outside the Nursery.

In addition, she proofread a number of documents and forms that I created for the business, finding errors that I did not spot. These documents were then converted into PDF files.

We worked well together remotely and she maintains my website efficiently. Parents have commented on the site and the ease of use.

Once Upon a Time Nursery

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