Are Paper Documents Still Relevant in the Modern Business World?

Once upon a time, every business model was written and printed on paper documents.  Every form was filled in, signed and sealed in an envelope.  Every contact form was completed by pen and paper.

Of course, technology has changed this a lot.  More and more we see online forms that offer businesses and their customers ease of accessibility.

Saying that, paper documents still hold a specific and integral place in the world of modern business.  And in this article I am going to explore why.

Paper Documents – how are they used today?

From registration forms to sign-in documents for offices, paper documents are a tried and tested method of collecting information. Not only do they offer you the physical assurance that you have the information to hand, but they are also quick to complete. Most of all, a customer can scan them quickly to see what information is being collected.  Plus, you don’t have the hassle of online cookies, downloads, and more.

Look at it this way, if you are looking to collect information from supporters or new customers, do you really want to hover over them as they type a link into their smartphone?  To which they proceed to assure you that they will “do it later”. As  that’s the trap that modern online forms can often fall into.  Your customers promise to fill in the information later, before forgetting all about it five minutes later.

Here at Help on Tap we work with business forms and documents, across all manner of industries. The number one benefit to our customers being the ease through which they can curate information.  Thus ensuring that their own customers and clients feel confident in the information they are providing.

How Help on Tap Supports Businesses

Some of the most popular paper documents that we supply are for those small businesses where information, word of mouth, and contacts are key. But that’s not all.

As a paper document creator we often find that one of the prime benefits of paper forms is the ease of accessibility.  For example, our dog walking business forms are used to give business owners quick and easy access to details about the dogs, their diets, individual needs, and contact numbers.

Alleviating the need to trawl through online systems, wait for the internet to load, or overcome pop-ups and online adverts, paper documents are quick to find and easy to refer to.

In addition, our forms are well laid out and cleanly presented  Thus allowing the key information to stand out straight away.  Help on Tap gives you the option to add colours/logos where required to personalise your form.

We also offer contract templates and business agreement forms for a variety of businesses.  This provides you with a starting point on which to build long lasting and successful relationships with your customers.

After all, the form itself may not be something that they remember a few weeks, months, or years down the line – but what they will remember is the professionalism of the business relationship from day one. And that starts with having the right information and the right resources to hand.

Personalised Business Forms and Templates

While there is still an important place for paper forms and templates in the world of modern business, we also understand that for some businesses it is important to capture information remotely. That’s why all of our products are also available as an online download.  So whether you need a PDF document, fillable PDF, Word document, or our latest service a Google form contact us to see how we can help. 

What’s Next?

Ordering with Help on Tap is simple. When you order from us, we provide you with a template that can be fully personalised to your brand or business. From there you can print the documents at home.  Alternatively, download the remote version with ease, presenting your end customers with a professional looking and branded form.  This will immediately assure them of your reputation and authenticity as a business.

Once you’ve got your form it’s up to you to use your forms as required – collecting information, nurturing relationships, and building your business.

Check out our made-for-you business forms and templates.   Our paper forms could support your business as you scale, grow, and reach out to a new or existing customer base.

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