Business templates are pre-designed documents that are used to record and organise business information. They can be used to standardise business processes, streamline workflows, and improve the efficiency of operations. Business templates can be used in a variety of industries and business functions, including finance, human resources, sales, and marketing.

Some common types of business forms and templates include:

  1. Invoices: Used to request payment for goods or services provided by a business.
  2. Purchase orders: Used to request the purchase of goods or services from a supplier.
  3. Expense reports: Used to document expenses incurred by employees during business trips or other business-related activities.
  4. Performance evaluation forms: Used to assess the performance of employees and provide feedback on areas for improvement.
  5. Job application forms: Used to collect information from job candidates during the hiring process.
  6. Timesheets: Used to record the hours worked by employees and calculate their pay.
  7. Sales order forms: Used to record customer orders for goods or services.
  8. Marketing plan templates: Used to create a plan for marketing a product or service.

Business forms can be created from scratch or downloaded from online sources. They can be customised to suit the specific needs of a business or industry. Using pre-designed forms can save time and improve accuracy, as they provide a standardised format for recording and organising business information.

Business templates are still highly used in businesses.