A disciplinary hearing is a meeting held between an employer and an employee.  It is a discussion about concerns of the employee’s conduct or performance at work. The purpose of the meeting is to provide the employee with an opportunity to respond to the concerns.  They have a chance to explain their actions or behaviour.

A disciplinary hearing may be called for a variety of reasons.  For instance, poor attendance, failure to meet performance targets, breaches of company policies or procedures, or inappropriate behaviour at work. The meeting should be conducted in a fair and objective manner.  Additionally, both the employer and the employee should be given the opportunity to express their views and present evidence to support their case.

The process of a disciplinary meeting typically involves the following steps:

  1. Notification: The employee will be given written notice of the meeting, including the date, time, and location of the meeting, the reasons for the meeting, and any evidence or witness statements that will be presented.
  2. Meeting: The meeting is to be held in a private location and attended by the employee, their manager or supervisor, and any other relevant parties, such as HR representatives or union representatives. The employer should explain the concerns and present any evidence or witness statements.
  3. Response: The employee is given the opportunity to respond to the concerns and to present their own evidence or witness statements. The employee should be allowed to speak without interruption. In addition, should be given a reasonable amount of time to respond.
  4. Decision: After considering all the evidence and the employee’s response, the employer will make a decision about the outcome of the meeting. The outcome may be a warning, a suspension, dismissal, or any other appropriate action.
  5. Follow-up: The employer will provide the employee with written confirmation of the decision and any actions that will be taken. The employee should be given the opportunity to appeal the decision if they feel it is unfair or unjust.

A disciplinary hearing can be a difficult and stressful experience for employees.  Therefore, it is important for employers to conduct the meeting in a fair and respectful manner. Employers should also ensure that they follow their own policies and procedures and any relevant employment laws and regulations.