Disciplinary Hearing Procedure for Transcription

What is a disciplinary hearing and what is the disciplinary hearing procedure?

Unfortunately, a disciplinary hearing is a necessity if you are unable to settle matters informally or the behaviour of an employee is classed as gross misconduct.   Do you know the disciplinary hearing procedure?  If not read out to find out some great tips.

A disciplinary hearing is basically a hearing to get the employee’s side of the story and gather all of the facts.  Thus, a decision should be based on unbiased facts and the balance of probability.

However, a formal disciplinary hearing procedure can be stressful to an employee.  So we have created this guide on how to conduct a disciplinary meeting to make an employee feel comfortable. 

Disciplinary hearing procedure for recording 

 As mentioned above, it is important to capture the facts, as this is what the decision will be based upon.  Hence, in a stressful situation, it can be difficult to recall what was said.

Afterwards, a dispute may arise as to what was actually said.

Therefore, it makes sense to record the disciplinary hearing.  More importantly, is to ensure you get a good quality recording and we have put together this guide on how to do that on your phone.  Plus, having a good quality recording will mean you pay less.  This is because most transcription companies will charge a higher rate for a poor quality recording.

Furthermore, an employee is entitled to a copy of the hearing transcript as part of the disciplinary hearing procedure. 

Once you have recorded the meeting and an employee requests a transcript, then contact us and we can transcribe your meeting accurately.  As we have been transcribing disciplinaries since 2008 we are experts in this field.  Plus, it will save you time that you can spend on your day-to-day work.

You can use our disciplinary hearing transcription service as and when you need to.  In fact, you only pay for the minutes transcribed.

Our transcription is ideal for a Human Resources department to outsource their HR interviews.  This means they do not need to hire an audio typist and can utilise staff better.

So whether you are conducting a disciplinary hearing for gross misconduct or absenteeism a good quality transcript is a must.   We double check our transcripts and have never missed a deadline.  Please contact us now.

Why use Help on Tap for Disciplinary Hearings?

Accurate Disciplinary Hearing Transcription

We have been providing audio transcription services since 2008. All our transcripts are proofread to ensure a high accuracy. Thus, we keep our customers as we maintain our quality.

In addition, we research unfamiliar terms and places to ensure the transcript is as accurate as possible.

Reliable and Confidential Transcription

Help on Tap provides a confidential and reliable disciplianry  transcription service. We do not accept your project if we feel we are unable to meet your deadline.

Furthermore, we deal with very sensitive matters and offer a confidential service.  We are happy to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Check out our reviews

Check out our reviews on Yell including the one below from a lady going through a difficult time in her life:

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How our disciplinary transcription service works

You simply upload a file on this page and we will provide a no-obligation quote.  Then, once you decide to use our services we will raise an invoice.  We require payment in advance of any work starting if we have not worked together before.

On receipt of payment, we will begin the transcript.  And when it is complete you will be notified via email and you can simply sign in to our GDPR compliant transcription workflow system to retrieve your transcript.  In fact, it is much more secure than sending the transcript via email.

The objective of a disciplinary hearing

Your main objective in a disciplinary hearing is to get to the facts.

As a manager, you can only base your decision on facts.  So, once you receive your accurately transcribed file you can check through it or print it out and highlight the facts in the text.

Ultimately, this can help you to achieve a fair outcome.

Another reason to record a disciplinary hearing is to produce a transcript if an employee decides to go to a tribunal.  Therefore, as you can imagine, it is extremely important it is accurate.

Furthermore, we quality-check all our transcripts to ensure accuracy.

To have your disciplinary hearing or grievance meeting transcribed check out our transcription rates per audio minute.

Disciplinary hearing procedure

In conclusion, be sure to follow the disciplinary hearing procedure. And if you are unsure of the procedures then check out the ACAS guidelines