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Welcome to our expert Excel services UK! Excel is a versatile and powerful tool that has revolutionised data analysis, reporting, and organisation for businesses and individuals alike. Whether you’re looking to optimise your spreadsheets, or access professional Excel services, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s examine ideas of how our Excel services can be used to help you.

Our Excel Services For Start-Ups

Firstly, let’s start with an Excel spreadsheet that is a necessity for a start-up business that needs to apply for investment.  Indeed, it is advisable to create a business plan and a cash flow forecast before you start a business.  By doing this it will give you an indication as to whether you have a viable business idea. Check out my generic business plan financials below.

Business Plan Financials

Next, let’s move onto a new business and find out what Excel services a new business needs.

Needless to say, a business start-up will need to implement processes to make their job easier.  So let’s look at some common spreadsheets that small businesses use.

Expenditure and Income Tracker – Excel Services​

One of the first things you need to think about is how to accurately record your income and expenditure for the business.  Importantly, you need to submit your accounts annually. 

The options are to buy an expensive accounting package, create a simple Excel income and expenditure tracker spreadsheet or buy an already done for you spreadsheet from Help on Tap.

Thus the third option is by far the cheapest and quickest. 

So why not check out our custom made simple income and expense tracker here?

Excel Invoice Template​

What is an invoice template?​

An invoice template is simply a way to charge your clients for the work that has been done.  Moreover, you must ensure all the vital information is on your invoice.  Otherwise it may result in a delay in payment.  And we wouldn’t want that to happen. 

Given that it is an essential part of your business let’s look at the options:

1)  An expensive accounting package that will allow you to invoice your clients from within the package.

2)  Create your own Invoice or find a free Excel invoice template.

3)  Purchase an already done for you invoice or have a customised invoice made.

Hence, Help on Tap has created a range of invoice templates for you to choose from.  Whether it’s a gold invoice, blue invoice or one for your dog walking business, contact us and we will be able to create a generic one for you.  In addition, you can have a custom made form created by Help on Tap.

What should you include on an invoice template?​

  • You should include the following on an invoice template:
  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Date
  • Customer ID (optional)
  • Bill to (customer details)
  • Quantity
  • Services provided
  • Unit Amount
  • Discount (optional)
  • Total Amount
  • Sales Tax (if applicable)
  • Final Total

Payment to needs to include:

  • Full name of your company
  • Address
  • Contact details
  • Website address (if you have one)
  • Bank details for the payment to be made to
  • Payment terms e.g. 30 days from invoice date

How to create an invoice​

To create an invoice you can use a spreadsheet such as Excel, Google Sheets.  Alternatively, you can purchase an accounting package that will do all your accounting for you and give you the ability to create an invoice automatically. 

Lastly, you can purchase an invoice template through us!

Excel Quotation Template​

It is quite normal in industries such as electricians, plumbers and builders to be asked to provide a quotation.  Importantly, before any work is started a quotation will be produced that outlines exactly what is to be done and the price.  Once the quotation is accepted then the work can begin.

Similarly, to an invoice template, a quotation template can be created in a spreadsheet.  And has a similar layout to an invoice, but will not include certain parts.

Client Relationship Management – Excel Services​

As your clients are the most important part of your business it is vital to keep accurate records of your clients.  To do this you can create an Excel client relationship spreadsheet.  But remember to keep it simple.  A customer relationship spreadsheet will hold all your customer information plus any contacts that you have had with them. Furthermore, this could evolve over time and more functionality added.Mail Merges​As your clients are the most important part of your business it is vital to keep accurate records of your clients.  To do this you can create an Excel client relationship spreadsheet.  But remember to keep it simple.  A customer relationship spreadsheet will hold all your customer information plus any contacts that you have had with them. Furthermore, this could evolve over time and more functionality added.

Mail Merges​

Mail merge is a word processing feature to allow you to personalise letters with names and addresses from a database or spreadsheet.

For instance, it is a quick way to produce hundreds of personalised letters.  Help on Tap can assist you in setting up a mail merge with a spreadsheet.  However, they are not as popular these days, but are a good way to introduce your business to local businesses.

Alternatively, a mail merge can be done between Google Sheets and Gmail.

Employee Vacation Tracker – Excel Services​

As your business grows you will need to track your employees’ holidays/vacations.  Consequently, a simple employee vacation tracker in Excel will work really well.  At the present time my sister uses this holiday tracking spreadsheet in her nursery.  She has roughly 20 employees in her children’s nursery and it works a treat.

Sickness Tracking Software​

An Excel spreadsheet is a good tool to record your employees’ sickness.  Thus, by tracking the sickness you know when it is time to have a capability hearing with an employee.

Time Tracking – Excel Services​

Time tracking in Excel can be useful for individuals or businesses who want to keep track of the time spent on different tasks, projects or activities.

Overall, Excel can be a powerful tool for time tracking, but it does require some setup and maintenance to ensure accurate data entry and calculations.

A Simple Rota​

A simple rota is used to show who is working, who is on vacation, what task they are working on e.g. emails, on the phone etc.  As a result, you will be able to see at a glance what your employees are doing or whether they are in. 

Project Management Spreadsheet​

Having a number of projects on the go at once can be a headache.  By having a simple project management spreadsheet that can track a number of projects it will make the task management so much easier.  You should be able to see at a glance what needs to be done and by whom.

Event Budget/Planning Template​

Need to organise an event then a spreadsheet is ideal for this.  This spreadsheet will contain all the attendee information, the budget spent and vital information for the event to run smoothly.  It will integrate with some project management features.

Excel Services – Charts​

Excel Services - Charts

Excel charts are used to visually represent data and trends in a spreadsheet. They can make it easier to understand and analyze complex data sets by presenting the information in a graphical format. Excel charts can be used to show trends over time, compare different data sets, highlight patterns or outliers in the data, and communicate information to others.

Some common types of Excel charts include:

  • Column chart: Used to compare data across different categories
  • Line chart: Used to show trends over time
  • Pie chart: Used to show how a whole is divided into parts
  • Bar chart: Similar to a column chart but with horizontal bars
  • Scatter plot: Used to show the relationship between two variables
  • Area chart: Similar to a line chart but with the area below the line filled in
  • Bubble chart: Similar to a scatter plot but with the size of the bubbles representing a third variable.

Excel charts can be customised with different colours, labels, and formatting options to make them more visually appealing and easier to read.

Pivot Tables

What is a Pivot Table in Excel?

A pivot table is a way to analyse large amounts of data to see specific information such as in the examples below:

Pivot Table Real Life Examples

​One such example of a pivot table is a pivot table that shows invoices that are overdue.

Another example is a sum of time worked each month from a timesheet spreadsheet.

One final example is the relative time spent working on each project which may be created from a project management spreadsheet.

These are just a few examples of what Excel services Help on Tap can do for a small business and if you wish to have a spreadsheet created please contact us for a quote.