Excel Spreadsheet Services

Excel Spreadsheet Services

Our Excel spreadsheet services can help you to streamline your small business processes. 

Excel spreadsheet creation can be a daunting task. Hence, spreadsheets aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. On the one hand you know they will save you time.  But on the other they can be confusing and frustrating if you aren’t familiar with the software.

That’s where Help on Tap can assist you by producing a custom Excel spreadsheet to suit your requirements

Examples of the types of spreadsheets that we can do include:


Our Excel spreadsheet service can assist with the creation of any spreadsheet you require.


All of the above can really help when it comes to making the day-to-day running of your business a lot simpler. If, however, you are not confident in the manipulation of Excel spreadsheets, then we can maintain the spreadsheets for you. Help on Tap offer a full Excel input service.

At Help on Tap we are trained Excel experts, and we are capable of performing more advanced Excel functions, including: 

  • Pivot Tables
  • Data Entry Forms

We have completed a wide range of Excel based projects in the past, including, but not limited to:

  • Data inputting from questionnaires and surveys
  • Data analysis resulting from the inputs
  • Business plan spreadsheets
Please contact us for a quote for your much needed Excel business spreadsheet.

How Excel is Used in Business

Basic Business Accounting Excel Spreadsheet

Small businesses quite often track their income and expenditure with an Excel spreadsheet.  

Hence by categorising your expenditure you can easily see what you are spending money on. 

Furthermore, you can also create graphs and charts from the data.  

Using an Excel spreadsheet for accounting will save you money as you won’t need to buy accounting software.

Excel Spreadsheet Rota for Scheduling Staff

We can create a bespoke rota spreadsheet for you so you can easily update your staff rota for the day.

It would have time slots specific to your business.  In addition it would be colour coded for certain events such as holidays, sickness meetings etc. 

A simple spreadsheet rota would help immensely with your day to day activities.

Excel Client Management

So how do you keep track of your clients? 

By far the easiest way is using a Excel spreadsheet as a database.  In fact an Excel spreadsheet can be adapted easily as your company grows. 

You can simply add new fields when they are required.

Subsequently you can then use this data for mail merges to send out letters.

An Excel client spreadsheet would be the easiest method of holding your client details.

Our Excel spreadsheet services have been used by consultants working for the NHS, small businesses and private investigators.