Focus Group Transcription

Focus Group Transcription

Why record a focus group meeting?

Our focus group transcription services can accurately transcribe your focus group meeting audio responses into a typed format. Hence you gain an accurate record of what was said.

A focus group meeting allows your participants to talk about a product or service. They will talk about their feelings, beliefs, attitudes and opinions on such.  It is important to capture this accurately so the best way is to record it.

You can record the meeting and eliminate the need to make any handwritten notes. Instead, you can concentrate on studying responses from the focus group.

This has the advantage of providing a stronger set of results. You can gauge the body language of those participating in the focus group. Furthermore, the recording will capture every word spoken.

Help on Tap can then transcribe the audio into a clear, concise document. Thus, you can pull quotes from the transcript and insert them into the write-up.

In a focus group you will find that several participants respond at the same time. Missing just one word can completely alter the meaning of a response. If you make a mistake when recording responses manually, then that could skew your data. The results of your research may turn out to be completely different to what was expected.

Remove the risk of this by using our focus group transcription service. Help on Tap will deliver a text version of your focus group audio recording. You can refer to this as many times as required until you have completed your research paper.

You will have both the audio recording and the transcribed document to refer to.

Why choose Help on Tap?

Check out how much you can save by outsourcing your transcription. Cost of a full time employee versus a Virtual Assistant.

Please contact us for a no obligation quote for our focus group transcription service. We also provide academic transcription and a disciplinary hearing transcription service.