What is Affiliate Marketing and Can You Make Money from It?

Making Money with Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when a business rewards an affiliate for promoting their products. An affiliate will have a unique id and each product bought through their id will result in the affiliate receiving some kind of compensation.

Is It Possible to Make Money from Affiliate Marketing?

It is actually possible to make money from affiliate marketing. I have done so by promoting products such as amazon products. How much money you make depends on how dedicated you are and how you promote the products.

My problem was I flitted from one project to another and never really concentrated on one website.

I also kept getting work in from my Virtual Assistant business and the websites were forgotten about. I made a very small amount of money.

You need to decide how to market the affiliate products. You can set up a landing page that captures email addresses or you can setup a website with great content.

I tend to go for the content websites but this takes time and effort.

The landing page option means that you have to use paid advertising to drive traffic to the page.

It isn’t easy making money but it is possible with dedication.

Tips on How to Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer

Tip#1: Learning the Basics

Before you start learn the basics of affiliate marketing from information on the internet. Find out what topics are profitable and what types of affiliate products do well.

If you decide to become an affiliate marketer it is important to choose quality products, preferably one’s that you have used. You will be judged by the services/products you promote so don’t focus only on the income, but on the quality also.

Tip#2: Marketing Affiliate Products

Do not rely on social media or SEO alone to drive potential clients to your blog or website. It is essential that you know your target market and where to find it.

Tip# 3: Using a Funnel System and Lead Page

This one is really important. Use a funnel system and lead page when marketing your affiliate business.

Entice visitors to sign up to your email list. Offer a great free gift in return for their email address. It should be related to the subject of your website.

Tip# 4: Monitoring the Success

Monitor the successes of your affiliate programs. Also monitor your marketing efforts. If you are using ads to push visitors to your site(s) then test with different ads to see which performs best.

Pros of Affiliate Marketing

No Marketing Skills required

You do not need to have a marketing background to become an affiliate marketer. It does, however, help if you have basic knowledge with SEO. This can help you to write content that will rank your website higher.

Also knowing how to use social media effectively can help to gain more traffic to your website.

Numerous Streams of Income

Making Money with Affiliate Marketing

The good thing with affiliate marketing is you can start with very little money.

Once you have set up one website and it is starting to make money you can set up another website.

No Customer Service Issues

As the product you are promoting is not your own you won’t deal with any customer service issues. If a customer does contact you then you just direct them to the owner of the affiliate product.

Cons Associated with Affiliate Marketing

You Pay for Your Marketing Efforts

You are only paid when you make a sale. You will need to pay for the marketing efforts to make the sale. So be careful with your marketing choices to keep your costs down.

Not as Easy as the “Gurus” Tell You It Is

I have bought so many internet marketing courses and I can tell you it isn’t as easy as they make out, especially if you have limited funds. If you have limited funds then you have to do the writing yourself.

I write a lot of my own articles but would like to outsource them.

Bottom line

Before you consider starting as an affiliate marketer, make sure you learn and understand all that is involved. Like other make-money-at-home opportunities you require a plan and daily involvement in order to make money. Making a success at Affiliate Marketing requires perseverance.