Beginners Guide on how to Make Money Writing

Freelancer Writing Jobs
There are plenty of freelance writing jobs around. It is a heavily sought after skill.

As you can imagine there are so many people who want writers. This could be for websites, blogs, books and ebooks. The variety of subjects to choose from is wide.

I have utilized freelance writers on many occasions. It is sometimes a struggle to find a really good writer. When you find one it’s great but it doesn’t always last. You quite often find that they are then in demand and take on too much work. This affects the quality of the writing.

There are numerous places to find jobs writing. We are going to look at freelancer sites. These are sites where you will have to write proposals for jobs. It is worth noting that it can be difficult to win proposals.

Places to find freelance writing jobs for beginners


Freelance Writing Jobs
This is my preferred place to find writers. There are a lot of people offering writing services.

They generally set up what is called an hourlie. The idea is that you charge a person a set amount for let’s say a 500 word article. It is called an hourlie as the idea is that it is something that can be done in an hour.

I have however bought hourlies that are for a full rewrite of a website. This is obviously not something that can be done within an hour.


There are 4 levels of writers on iWriter. They are standard, premium, elite and elite plus.
As you might have guessed each level gets more expensive as you are potentially using better quality writers. I presume that the better you are at writing the more you will earn. I have used this site a number of times with mixed results.

3. Upwork for Freelance Writing Jobs

I have not used this site before as I found the rates to be quite low. I also found the competition to be very strong. The jobs are in US dollars. On the flip side if you need any work yourself then you can get it done cheaply.

4. Freelancer

Freelancer Writing Jobs
This is another site I have not used but has a large number of freelancers according to this article This may mean there is fierce competition.

5. Guru

It states that there are over 1.5 million gurus on this site. All project management such as creating agreements and setting out timelines and tasks can be done within the work room on the site.

Tips for using freelance writing sites.

  • Read the job carefully as they may ask you to include specific information in your bid.
  • Ensure you are able to complete the job within the timeframe.
  • Make sure you have the relevant experience to complete the job.
  • Adapt your proposal to what is required.
  • Give examples of your work if you have any.

Things to be wary of:

If questions are asked of the person who posted the job and they don’t answer them it might be worth avoiding them. They may have posted the job on a number of boards.

Also check how many of their jobs had been awarded as it gives an indication of whether they are a serious advertiser.

Have you used the sites above if so please share your experiences below.