10 Home Based Freelancer Transcription Jobs UK

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Below is a list of 10 home based freelancer transcription jobs UK.

Before we get into the list maybe you want to find out more about transcription. Check out the in-depth articles below:

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Now let’s look at transcription jobs in the UK.

It is important to read the conditions for each company before applying as some of the details below may have changed.  Then apply online as this is the preferred method for most companies.  Furthermore, you will need to be self-employed and have some relevant experience.

Check out the transcription companies in the UK below to find your perfect transcription job.

Alphabet Secretarial are seeking professional audio typists. It doesn’t state that you have to live in the UK just that you have English as a first language.

Apple Transcription asks that you are qualified to A level or equivalent standard.

FingerTips Typing Services have a form to apply for an audio typing position. It doesn’t specify whether you have to be from the UK.

Sterling Transcription has a careers page. They ask that you don’t ring them but that you apply online. It accepts applicants from the UK and abroad.

TP Transcription asks for UK-based sub-contractors.

Transcription City is a transcription and translation service so are asking for people who can transcribe audio not only in English.

Transcription Divas at the time of writing were recruiting freelance audio typists. I get the impression that they only open the recruitment at certain times so may not be looking to recruit when you click through.

Type Out states that all work is completed by UK typists and you must provide a UTR number. This is the number that you are given when you register as self-employed.

UK Transcription has a link for jobs on their website. You need to complete an audio test and complete the form with previous employment and relevant work experience.

Waywithwords has a jobs section. The testimonials are from audio typists in the UK and abroad.

Please share your experiences of working for transcription companies. If you need to brush up your skills check out these courses.  Transcription jobs can provide the flexibility you need in your life.  Good luck.

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  1. Lama

    How can apply and get the job?

    1. Chris

      Hi Lama, you need to click through to each website and check whether you meet all their requirements. There will be instructions on what you need to do on there. Best of luck. Chris

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