Medical Audio Typing and How to Find Jobs

What is Medical Audio TypingMedical audio typing is the typing up of clinician documents from audio files.

These audio files may contain treatment of patients, interviews with patients, operation information and procedures. These notes will become formal records of the patient.

Medical Terminology

Medical terms will need to be accurate. To be a medical transcriptionist you will require knowledge of medical terminology.

As well as knowing medical terminology it is important to know how doctors commonly abbreviate words.

For example, nitroglycerine is often shortened to nitro.

It is also important to know when drugs should have an initial capital letter if they are a brand.

Good Listening Skills

When transcribing a file it may be difficult to hear the difference between words such as nitrates and nitrites. Knowing what each of these do should give an indication of what the word should be.

Accuracy and Attention to Detail

As you can imagine accuracy is vital when dealing with patient information.

A medical transcriptionist is also expected to spot any discrepancies in the audio. For example, if the audio file is about a 10 year old patient and it states the patient is a 12 year old later on then this should be highlighted.

The more experience a medical audio typist has the more they can spot mistakes with patients’ diagnosis or treatments. This could potentially save a patient’s life and be valuable to medical professionals.

Where Are the Medical Audio Typing Jobs?

Most medical audio typing jobs are in hospitals or physician offices. There are, however, medical audio typing jobs from home.

Medical audio typing from home can be the perfect answer for mums with children. It can be an interesting and varied job that is totally flexible and fits in with family life.

Will Speech Recognition mean less medical audio typing jobs?

There are some transcription companies and medical institutes that are using speech recognition software. As you may already be aware this technology is not perfect. It requires a person to check the transcript to ensure it is accurate.

It may be that there will be less actual medical audio typing to do but that the role develops more into of editing role. I, personally, would prefer this type of role.

This is an in-demand skill and as a medical audio typist the salary is higher than that of a general transcriptionist.

Look out for further posts on medical transcription courses so you can obtain your dream medical audio typist job.

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