How to Provide the Best Audio Transcription Service

So you’ve decided to start an audio transcription service from home but how can you provide the best audio transcription service possible?

This article will take you through how to increase your audio typing speed. And by increasing your speed you will increase the money you can make.

Do I need Playback Software to Provide the Best Audio Transcription Service e.g. Express Scribe?

Yes, you will need some kind of playback software.  I use Express Scribe which has a free version but there are some limitations.

Thus playback software will allow you to rewind, stop, fast forward, etc your digital file.

When using playback software you can either use the hotkeys to control the playback with a foot pedal. If you only offer an audio transcription service occasionally then it is possible to use the hotkeys.

But this can be time-consuming and frustrating when you hit the wrong key.

I have on many occasions hit the F3 (Play Fast Speed) instead of the F4 (Stop) which speeds it up to 150%! I then have to change it back to the speed I want. All this messing around adds on extra time.

Do I Need a Foot Pedal to Provide an Audio Transcription Service?

Firstly, as mentioned above it is possible to provide an audio transcription service without a foot pedal.  To do this you would use the hotkeys.  These would be set up in your playback software.

Secondly, I would say it is a good way to start if you are only doing a few files a week.  The downside is that it will take you longer to transcribe files.

Finally, if you are doing a lot of audio then purchasing a foot pedal is a must if you want to provide the best audio transcription service possible.  By purchasing a foot pedal I increased both my speed and my income.

This article investigates the two different ways to charge for an audio transcription service.

So by investing in a foot pedal you would:

  • Save Time
  • Transcribe More
  • Earn More

Will an Infinity USB Foot Pedal increase my Transcription Speed?

As mentioned above a foot pedal would increase your speed and productivity.  Thus, when you charge per audio minute then this will increase your earnings.

Let’s look at an example:

You increase your typing speed from 50 wpm to 65 wpm.

You work a 50 hour week.

This would save you 11.5 hours per week.

Let’s look at the maths below:

50 wpm x 60 minutes x 50 hours = 150,000 words per week

To do the same amount of words per week at 65 wpm:

150,000 \ 65 wpm \ 60 minutes = 38.5 hours

50 – 38.5 hrs = 11.5 hrs saved

In conclusion, the Infinity USB foot pedal is a good investment. It will have paid for itself in a week or so, depending on how much your speed improves.

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The Infinity USB foot pedal is also compatible with:

Auto Wav Player (Dataworxs)
Dataworxs (Auto Wav Player)
DocQscribe (MedQuist)
Dolbey Systems (Fusion Voice)
ECS (PowerPlayer)
Fusion Voice (Dolbey Systems)
FTR (FTR Gold)
FutureNet (iPlayer)
GearPlayer (Transcription Gear)

HTH (Start/Stop)
iPlayer (FutureNet)
Medical Transcription Interactive
MedQuist (DocQscibe)
PC Dart (PlayAll XTRA)
PlayAll XTRA (PC Dart)
Transcription Buddy
Transcription Gear (GearPlayer)
VoiceIQ (BCB)
Plus many others.

In the video below you will learn how to receive electronic files from your customers and how to load them into Express Scribe.

You will find out how to use the hotkeys if you are just starting out and don’t want to invest in a foot pedal.

You will also learn how to set up the backstep playback function in Express Scribe. What this means is that when you step off the foot pedal then the file will rewind slightly so you can hear it again. In addition, you will discover where your Express Scribe audio files are stored as these can seriously clog up your PC/laptop.

Apologies – I changed my voice slightly in this video and it’s a little bit squeaky at times!

Farewell Thoughts: It is possible to provide an audio transcription service without a foot pedal. However, by using a foot pedal you would increase your speed and work completed leading to more income. You will need some playback software to use with a foot pedal such as Express Scribe.  So to provide the best audio transcription service possible then a Foot Pedal is a must.

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