Key Release Form / Key Return Form


Ensure security and accountability with our customizable key release form. Perfect for landlords, property managers, and business owners.


Buy a key release form if you need to release a key e.g. a landlord, a dog walker, dog sitter.

Please read carefully as we do NOT offer refunds.

By using a professionally designed key release form, you create clear, legally binding agreements regarding access permissions. This clarity helps prevent misunderstandings and disputes, ensuring that everyone involved knows the terms under which keys are issued. By documenting who has access to your property, you enhance security and accountability, protecting both physical assets and the safety of occupants.

Additionally, key release forms streamline administrative processes. They provide a standardised way to track key distribution, which is especially useful in environments with frequent personnel changes, such as offices or rental properties. Using a key release form template saves time and reduces errors, ensuring all necessary information is consistently captured. In the event of lost keys or security breaches, these forms quickly identify who had access and when, facilitating a swift response. Overall, a key release form is an indispensable tool for maintaining order, enhancing security, and ensuring smooth operations in any property management scenario.

Specification of key release form:

• US Letter
• MICROSOFT WORD file (compatible with 2010 and higher version)
• PDF file (ready to print)
• Created using a table in MICROSOFT WORD – should be proficient in Word to customize this form.
• The checkboxes may not be clickable if using an older version of Word or Google Docs.
• PDF to be used as a printable but you can use software such as PDFEscape to make it fillable.



• US Letter Word Key Release Form that should be editable in Google Docs
• PDF US Letter Key Release Form



• As this is a digital product there are no refunds. Please check the form has the fields you need.

• Help on Tap is not a law firm, so a legal company has not reviewed any forms or agreements. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure you are legally compliant.



• We will email you a link to your digital files once we confirm your payment.

• If you do not receive the email please contact me on



✔ You are ALLOWED to change the documents for your own dog business ONLY.

❌ You are NOT ALLOWED to resell, share or re-distribute the digital documents either unaltered or altered.