Veterinary Release Form


A comprehensive veterinary release form to ensure clear consent and authorization for a pet’s medical care and treatment.


Buy a veterinary release form as a crucial step to ensuring the smooth and efficient management of your pet’s business.

Please read carefully as we do NOT offer refunds.

This legally binding document serves as a comprehensive agreement between your client and their veterinarian, outlining the client’s consent for necessary treatments and procedures. By having a veterinary release form in place, you provide clarity on your preferences regarding your pet’s healthcare, including emergency situations and potential risks involved.

Moreover, it establishes a clear understanding of financial responsibilities, helping to prevent any misunderstandings or disputes down the line.

Ultimately, investing in a veterinary release form not only safeguards your pet’s well-being but also fosters a transparent and cooperative relationship between the client and their veterinary care provider.

Specification of veterinary release form:

• US Letter & A4
• MICROSOFT WORD file (compatible with 2010 and higher version)
• PDF file (ready to print)
• Created using a table in MICROSOFT WORD – should be proficient in Word to customize this form.
• The checkboxes may not be clickable if using an older version of Word or Google Docs.
• PDF to be used as a printable but you can use software such as PDFEscape to make it fillable.



• US Letter Word Veterinary Release Form that should be editable in Google Docs
• PDF US Letter Vet Release Form



• As this is a digital product there are no refunds. Please check the form has the fields you need.

• Help on Tap is not a law firm, so a legal company has not reviewed any forms or agreements. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure you are legally compliant.



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✔ You are ALLOWED to change the documents for your own dog business ONLY.

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