How to Become a Successful Virtual Assistant Courses

So you’ve made the decision to become a Virtual Assistant and you want to know what are the best Virtual Assistant courses out there.

Well you’ve come to the right place. 

Back in 2008 I was in the same position you are in now but there were no Virtual Assistant courses available.

I understand that it can be confusing and overwhelming. 

I spent hours and hours trawling through forums and websites to find information. 

Thus I struggled on and set up my VA business.

And obviously if there had been Virtual Assistant courses available I would have taken one!  Who likes to struggle?

Can I really make money as a Virtual Assistant?

Well I have been making money as a Virtual Assistant since 2008.  Over the years I’ve changed what services I offer and now it is mostly audio typing and typing.

So having been in the industry for over 10 years I know who to trust and who has been around for some time.

These are the best Virtual Assistant courses around that I would highly recommend for you – there are affiliate links in these courses so I may receive some compensation if you do go onto sign up.

If you want to be your own Virtual Assistant boss check them out.

Best Virtual Assistant Course: Fully VA Booked

Gina Horkey set up her business in 2014 and within a few months was earning $4000 a month while working a full time job.  She was then able to give up her full time job within a short space of time.  So this is definitely someone you want to learn from.

She has set up a successful VA business and can pass on her knowledge.

So let’s delve into what you will get with this Virtual Assistant course.

You will learn step by step instructions on how to launch your VA business.

This includes:

  • Choosing your business structure.
  • Deciding on which services you will offer your clients.
  • Deciding on the best pricing structure for your business.
  • Launching your website and creating your online presence.
  • Pitching your business and networking.
  • Building relationships.

Gina also offers a mini course if you’re a bit strapped for cash – why not check it out?

How to Become Freelance Writer without Experience by Elna Cain

Writing is a great niche for a Virtual Assistant.  Furthermore a writing course could help you to write your Virtual Assistant website or posts for your blog.

These next courses are from a very proficient blogger/writer named Elna Cain who I have been following for some time now.  She also started off without any experience.

She has a couple of blogs and writes extremely well.

Write to 1K by Elna Cain

When Elna gave birth to twins she didn’t want to leave them to go back to work.  Plus you know how expensive day care can be and then times that by two!

So she decided to work from home as a freelance writer.  She admits to making mistakes along the way and she can pass these learnings on to you.

She went from earning a meagre $1.62 per article to $1200 for an article – WOW how amazing would that be?

And she will tell you how to do this in her Write to 1K course.

Ready Set Blog for Traffic by Elna Cain

Another course from Elna focusses on getting the right traffic to your blog.

And turning this traffic into your fan base.  Furthermore this fan base will engage with you and you can build up a trust relationship.

So let’s look at that course and what you will get:

  • Lifetime access and getting all updates for free
  • 5 modules (33 video lessons, 5+ text-based lessons)
  • Video training on popular tools
  • 380+ Pinterest group boards in 17 niches
  • Ready-to-use templates and swipe copy
  • A Guest blogging guide
  • Pinterest Promotion Cheatsheet
  • The exact blog recipe Elna uses to boost blog traffic quickly
  • And much more …

One student of the course boasts she has quadrupled her blog traffic.

So whether you want to get traffic to your business blog or a personal blog this is a really well priced course.)

Create Content for Blog Traffic Masterclass by Elna Cain

This is a short course that you can sit down and go through in one day.

Are you a busy mom that wants to write great blog posts?

And posts that will grow your blog traffic then this is the course for you.

Freelance Blogging in a Weekend by Elna Cain

So you want to learn all about blogging in a weekend then check out this course by Elna Cain.  It will take you through all you need to know about blogging including what rates you should get and how to write conversational posts for easy reading.

Check out the full curriculum here.

Writer Website in a Weekend by Elna Cain

This course takes you through setting up a writer website which you can use to showcase your writing.

It includes:

  • Lifetime access and all updates for free
  • 5 modules with 26 video step-by-step lessons
  • Canva tutorial
  • Overview of WordPress
  • Starting Your Blog Post to Attract Clients guide
  • Guide on the Best WordPress Plugins for Freelance Writers
  • Guide for the Best Tools to Start Your Freelance Writing Business Off on the Right Foot
  • Customised tips for your website
  • And much more …

If you struggle with WordPress and want help setting up a writers website then check this out.

This course could also help you to set up a virtual assistant website.

Freelance Writing Prep by Elna Cain

If you’re looking for a short 1 hour masterclass then this is the course for you.

This masterclass also includes a live tutorial showing you Elna’s freelance writing process to find topics.

Pinterest Perfection Masterclass by Elna Cain

As with most of Elna’s courses free updates for life are included.

Pinterest is an important marketing tool for a blog and if you find it confusing then this is a great course to get you started.

A Pinterest Virtual Assistant is also very much in-demand.

Farewell Thoughts:  It is possible to earn money working as a Virtual Assistant.  In addition, the more skills you have the more in-demand you will be.  Writing is an in-demand niche and you can earn a lot of money with some experience behind you.  The Virtual Assistant courses above will help you move towards your dream of working from home.  Please shares your experiences below of any Virtual Assistant courses you have taken.

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