18 Creative Writing Jobs to Make Money from Home

So you’ve got here because you’re looking for writing jobs from home.  Am I right?

Then you’re in the right place and we will look at what type of writing jobs you can do from home.

You might well ask do I need a website to get writing jobs?  This is also something we will discuss. 

Do I Need a Website to Find Writing Jobs?

The very short answer is no but do read on as I will discuss how you can showcase your writing with or without a website.

What are the Ideal Skills Required for Freelance Writing Jobs?

  • A Good Grasp of the English Language – Although this is an obvious great skill for writing in English, it is also extremely important.
  • Proofreading Skills – This is not always an easy one to do as you have written the piece it can be difficult for you to spot any errors. I tend to write an article and then proofread it the next day.  If possible, ask someone else to proofread it for you.
  • Meeting Deadlines – I have found a really great writer, who I use occasionally when I’m busy. Now he doesn’t meet my deadlines and doesn’t update me that he won’t meet the deadline.  Now this really does annoy me and make me want to go elsewhere.  The problem is I’ve used quite a few writers in the past and it is difficult to find a good one.  I would advise, however, not to take on too much work and hit your deadlines.
  • Create Compelling Persuasive Copy – Now this is a difficult skill to master. It is important that you connect with the readers on an emotional level.
  • Write a Title that People want to click – A great resource for this is co-schedules headline analyser – try out the free version.  I used it for this heading and it scored 81 which is really good.  
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Skills – I’m sure you’ve all heard of SEO but just in case put simply SEO is using what are known as keywords throughout an article so it will show up in the search engines. You can do research on keywords using the Google Keyword Planner.  You need to try to find words with a high amount of searches but with low competition.  The Virtual Savvy has an SEO basics course.

Are you worried that you don’t have the necessary writing skills?

Well don’t because I know the perfect course for you.  Have you heard of Elna Cain from TwinsMommy?  She has rocked the writing world going from writing articles for $1.62 to $1200.  How absolutely astounding is that?

So you could struggle with content mills and churning out articles for $1.62 or you could invest in her course.  She knows all the pitfalls and passes on her knowledge.  She will also share all you need to know about making the most money from your writing.

She is definitely an expert in this field.

Check out her courses as they are very reasonably priced writing courses.

What can I realistically earn as a freelance writer?

Realistically, I believe that $1200 per blog post is out of reach for most people but heck I would be so happy if you do!   As Elna Cain points out it is realistic to earn $200 – $300 per blog post.  This is once you’ve got some good experience behind you.  Her Write your Way to your First 1k Course is definitely a great investment in your writing future.

Creative Ideas of How to Make Money Writing Online

1.  Start a Blog

If you love writing but don’t want to write for other people then start a blog.  

Is it easy to start a blog?

Yes, it’s really easy to start a blog as I explain in this post

The hardest part can be getting traffic to your blog but that’s a whole different article.

Can you make money blogging?

Yes, of course you can make money from a blog.  So many bloggers are doing it exceptionally well. One such blogger Suzi Whitford, from StartaMomBlog.com, started her blog and managed to give up her job as an engineer. She then went on to earn enough to retire her husband.  Her courses are brilliant and they are such a cute couple.  Her Blog by Numbers course is her best seller and has helped 11,500+ students to start their blogs.

Her blog is called startamomblog but it has flourished into helping mums in other aspects of working from home, including producing printables to sell or to use as a freebie. I have actually started to create templates to sell as this is what I really enjoy doing.

What types of blogs can you start?

As you are intending to make money from your blog you need to do research into niches and what people are searching for.

Then you need to look for affiliate products that you can promote on your blog.  It is good to find affiliate products to promote and write articles around them.

You can promote products that are available on Amazon, which is a fairly easy program to be accepted onto.  But you would need to have a lot of traffic and be promoting lots of products to make any decent money.

So let’s look at some types of blog you could start depending on your interests and area of expertise.

Finance Blog

These blogs are extremely popular at the moment due to people struggling with finances and looking at ways to save money.  It would be a good way to earn money blogging.  One such blog I have come across is https://www.clevergirlfinance.com/shop/

She monetizes her blog by:

  • Adverts
  • Writing and selling her own finance books
  • Creating her own products such as t-shirts and mugs
  • Producing finance planners
  • Recommending books for mindset etc

She has a sign up for weekly emails around money motivation which will no doubt contain helpful content but also affiliate offers. 

Popular posts seem to be around:

How to save $10,000 in a year
Coupon sites
Money saving charts

Mom Blog

So you could start a mom blog.  There are a wide range of subjects you could cover.  You may need to get some traffic in the first instance before applying to affiliate programs.

Mom blogs can very lucrative.  One mom blog that is kicking ass is Suzy Whitford.  She works with her husband to create great content and great courses.  I have taken a few of them and have started to create my own templates to sell. Check out her printables course.  Another one is Elna Cain at TwinsMummy.com making a great living off her mom blog.

So for a mom blog you could niche down to the following:

Starting a mom blog – you could promote affiliate products such as hosting companies bluehost or siteground.

Work from Home Blog – for example, on this work from home site, Farewell Shackles, I promote Express Scribe Transcription Software for anyone who wants to do audio typing from home.  It’s a great product that I use in my business and so I’m happy to recommend it to others.  As a bonus I get a commission when somebody buys through my link!

Pregnancy and coping with a new baby

Life hacks for making parenting easier

Dealing with teenagers – I need a bit of this at the moment!

Health and Well-being Blog

This is a massive topic and could cover so much.  Although, it would be best to niche down.  A hot topic at the moment is around our mental health and exercise.

A health and wellbeing blog could make money by promoting:

  • Gym equipment
  • Exercise programs
  • Nutrition programs
  • Healthy recipes
  • Mental health apps and programs

And the list goes on!

DIY Blog

This is something I don’t do much of but when I need an answer to a DIY issue where do I go?  To the internet of course to find a solution.  So, yeah there’s a huge market for it.

You would need to be handy at DIY though – one site I’ve come across is https://addicted2diy.com/.  Furthermore, you will notice they have a great sign up freebie ‘how to build 5 amazing pieces of furniture for under $100 each’!  This sounds great – I’m already impressed.

This blog appears to focus on:

  • Projects
  • Tool reviews which will include affiliate links to tools on Amazon
  • Printable plans
  • A shop that points to her Etsy shop
  • Recipes

Travel Blog

Until recently travel blogs were extremely popular but due to travel restrictions they will have lost some momentum. I’m hoping this will change.

So many people travel around the world and decide to make money from their travels.  This traveller focuses on female solo travellers which is a really great niche https://www.emilyluxton.co.uk/.  You need to have great photos as a travel blogger and hers are vibrant and look like she’s having a ball – so jealous!  

Her blog covers:

  • Foods to try in specific countries/places
  • Packing tips
  • Travel gear – good for affiliate links
  • Travel hacks
  • Travel fashion and beauty

Food Blog

Hmm I love food!  Don’t you?

Gosh when I decide I want to make something different for a meal, I very rarely turn to my cookery books.   Instead I search the internet for new and exciting recipes.  I will put in what ingredients I have got and search the recipes to see what tantalises my taste buds.

A food blog could niche down to one particular subject such as:

  • Keto diet
  • Vegan diet
  • Low calorie recipes
  • Quick meals
  • One pot meals

Alternatively, it could cover a few subjects.  You could set up an opt in for subscribers to receive recipes.  These emails could incorporate affiliate links to kitchen products.  Or you could set up a membership site with exclusive recipes and nutritional advice.

Education Blog

This type of blog has become extremely important in the current climate.   What types of subjects can you cover on an education blog?

  • Homeschooling
  • Dealing with teenagers – can you tell I’ve got a teenager!?
  • Travelling with children
  • GCSE’s
  • 11 plus
  • Working from home while homeschooling children

The list is endless …

You could start a blog about anything really and it’s all about finding products to promote that will be a good fit for your blog.

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Okay so you don’t want to invest in a blog then what are your other options?

2.   Blog Post Writing Jobs

There is such a demand for blog post writing.  Heck I’ve even used writers on https://www.peopleperhour.com/ to write some of my posts.  I get bogged down with VA work at times and don’t have the time to write.  I don’t pay an awful lot, £30 for 1000 words but it’s a quality article.  If you can write a 1000 word article in an hour that’s not a bad rate.

If you’re good and reliable people will come back to you.  Why not add an offer on peopleperhour?

3.   Writing a Book

“Everyone has a book in them” is a famous saying and I’m sure it’s true.  And it then goes on to say “and in most cases that’s where it should stay!”.   But I say if you really want to write a book then why not!

You could write a book yourself or write a book for a customer.  Quite often a blogger will offer an incentive for someone to sign up to their email list.  This can be an eBook.

There is an abundance of writing jobs available to produce eBooks.

Where can I publish an eBook?

There are many platforms that an eBook can be published.

It can be uploaded onto a website as either an incentive in exchange for an email address or to sell.

Alternatively, you could upload it to a platform such as Kindle.   Now Kindle says you can upload a book in Word but to ensure it looks great it should be in a .mobi format.  I purchased this book on Amazon to learn how to do it and offer it as a service.  If you want to give it a whirl then buy this book DIY Epublishing or check out my Kindle Conversion Services.

4.   Tutorials and Teaching Materials Writing Jobs

According to Forbes “The worldwide e-learning market is expected to be worth $325 billion in 2025, compared to $165 billion in 2015”

Bloggers can make money from creating courses.  So why not go ahead and explore this opportunity for writing course materials. 

5.   Email Writing Jobs

When a subscriber signs up on a website then the website owner will want to send out regular emails to their subscribers. 

And sometimes a blogger will not have the time to write emails.

To build trust with subscribers then a blogger needs to commit to a regular email.  As an example StartaMom blogger Suzi Whitford religiously sends an email every week.  She usually gives an update on her family life and then relevant information about new courses etc.

Unfortunately, this is something I am very poor at.  And definitely what I need to improve on!

6.  Content Writing and Copywriting Jobs

You might well ask what is the difference between content writing and copywriting.

Well there is a slight distinction in that content writing is meant to educate and provide information.

Whereas copywriting is meant to be more persuasive i.e. get somebody to purchase an item or perform a certain action.  Copywriting can be the more lucrative but is also more skilful.  Subsequently, it is used for landing pages, ads, sales emails etc.

7.   Screen Writing Jobs

There are writing jobs available for scripts for YouTube videos.  Also, quite often reality shows need screen writers.  These types of jobs are better suited to the more creative person.

8.   Gaming Guides Writing Jobs

If you have experience of playing a particular game then guides could be your area of expertise.  YouTube channels and gaming websites require beginner, intermediate and advanced guides on how to play games.  Also cheat sheets, tips and tricks articles.

9.  Resumes and Covering letters Writing Jobs

There are companies that are dedicated to writing resumes and covering letters.  If you’ve got what it takes to craft a professional resume/CV then this could be the path for you.  If you need a resume template check them out on Etsy.

10.  Business Plans Writing Jobs

A start up business generally requires a business plan if they are looking for investment.  A business plan will examine what are the strengths and weaknesses etc, competitors.

11.  Magazine Writing Jobs

Writing for magazines could be a lucrative way of earning money writing.

12.  Press Release Writing Jobs

Many companies seek press releases as these can add a great back link to your website.

13.  Product Description Writing Jobs

This type of writing would require some research.  I have used writers to do product descriptions for bikes that I have promoted.

14.  Social Media Writing Jobs

All businesses should have a social media presence.  But businesses are usually too busy or don’t have the experience to do this.  It is definitely an in demand skill.   

15.  Academic Essay Writing Jobs

Although I don’t actually agree with this but there is a demand for thesis and dissertation writing.

16.  Movie Review Writing Jobs

One of my friends used to do movie reviews for free just because he loved doing it.  However, it is a writing job that you could get paid for.

17.  Company Brochures, Leaflets and Website Copy

Smaller companies may not have the English skills to craft good copy for their brochures, leaflets and website.  That’s where you could come in. 

18.  Articles to be published on Medium

Articles published on Medium.com are a great way to get traffic to your website.  These articles have to be of a high quality.

That’s just a small number of creative writing job ideas.  And I’m sure there are plenty more.  Please feel free to share your experiences of writing i.e. where you found work and what types of writing you are doing. 

How can I make myself more in demand?

Ideally you need to showcase your work.  So let’s look at the options for this:

A website

If you don’t have any experience then writing articles on your own website would be a great start. It shows what your writing is like and a prospective customer can decide whether they like your style of writing. 

A domain name and hosting can be as little as $2.15 a month plus VAT with Bluehost. That’s an extremely low marketing cost. 

I use the Divi Builder and paid for a year’s membership which comes with so many templates. 

Divi WordPress Theme

But if you’re not ready to invest in a website then check out the other software below:


Canva is an awesome piece of software and you can use the free version to create a portfolio of your work.  They have great portfolio templates to use (some you may have to be a pro user and you can add links to your work.  Once you have created your portfolio you can click on the three dots that appear and get a shareable link.

Create a PDF

Use Word or Google Docs to create a document containing some of your writing and then convert it to a PDF.

Facebook Page

Set up a Facebook business page and add links to your work.

Google Folder

Share a Google folder to your prospective clients.

Where to find writing jobs?

Guest Posts

You could offer to write guest blog posts for influential bloggers.   This would allow you to add a link to either your website or your portfolio if you don’t have a website.


Peopleperhour is a site where you can add an offer e.g. I can write a 500 word article for x amount of money.  This is a great way to start out.  You could also reply to job offers on there.

Similar sites are:




Another great place to find writing jobs is Darren Rowse’s Problogger site.

Farewell thoughts:  There are some great creative writing jobs out there and it is definitely an in demand skill.  If you don’t feel your skills are good enough try these reasonably priced courses to start your career as a writer. Let us know below where you have found the best writing jobs to help out budding writers.

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