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What does an executive assistant do?

Executive Assistant

An executive assistant plays a key role in helping an executive or CEO with their daily tasks.

They are similar to administrative assistants but take on higher level tasks. Such tasks could include email management, scheduling a manager’s day, creating templates and reports, project management or analysing data. 

An executive relies heavily on an assistant to remove all the tedious jobs that keep him from doing his own job.  They do not want to get bogged down with arranging travel or dealing with rescheduling of meetings.  That’s where an amazing assistant comes in.

As the past couple of years have proved it is possible to provide executive support remotely.  With the advances in software it is possible for an executive secretary to provide all the services that a personal assistant could in the office.

In addition, you can save so much money by using our virtual executive assistant services rather than hiring your own personal assistant.  Saving money is key to any business and providing a great quality service is key to our business.  That’s why Help on Tap has had the same customers for over 10 years.

Virtual executive assistant companies can take on the tasks that really take up too much of your time.  So why not pass over those repetitive admin tasks that you do not enjoy doing? 

What software do remote virtual assistant companies use?

One of the most valuable pieces of software is one that will assist with passwords.  The likes of Lastpass will allow a customer to give you access to their software e.g. email etc without you actually knowing their password.  Plus, Lastpass is free and simple to use.  A customer simply right clicks and adds your email address to share access with you. 

Project management tools can assist with larger projects that involve many tasks and other people.  Such tools as Trello or Asana can help with tracking tasks of larger projects.

Time management tools.  It is important for a company to capture the time taken to perform tasks.  This is so we can accurately charge for our time.  One such tool is Toggl which is free for up to 5 users.


What skills does an assistant need?

Executive assistant services

Organisation skills are a must have skill of an executive assistant.  Organising both yourself and your manager is important to ensure the manager’s day runs smoothly.  With our secretarial background we have the ability to organise ourselves and our clients.

Communication skills both in written form and verbal is vital when providing virtual executive assistant services.

Time Management skills and being able to decide which tasks take priority is a must.  With over 20 years’ admin and IT experience under our belt prioritising tasks comes as second nature.   Help on Tap has never missed a deadline and we always assess whether we can meet the deadline before taking on a task.

Technology:  Ability to use technology to get the best out of it.  Having an IT degree and background helps me to decide on which features are needed to get the job done.


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