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Virtual Personal Assistant UK

Are you looking for an experienced virtual personal assistant UK with extensive IT and Secretarial experience?  Then look no further – find out more about your very own personal assistant.

What is an online PA?

An online PA is an independent contractor that you can use on a part time basis or when overloaded with work.  You only pay for the time used.

There are huge cost savings when using virtual personal assistant companies.  This is because you don’t have to pay an independent contractor for holidays, pensions, lunch times etc.  More companies are realising the cost benefits of outsourcing their daily admin tasks e.g. managing emails, social media, invoicing etc.

A virtual PA is unlike an employee in that you can hire them for as little as one hour.  However, with an employee you need to find them work for the whole time they are in the office.

What are the duties of a personal assistant?

An online personal assistant UK is your right hand person.  They can take on the tasks that are keeping you from growing your business.  For example, they can do your social media tasks or those mundane admin tasks that you hate to do.  A personal assistnat will learn about your business and what works best for you.  With every business comes tasks such as managing emails, answering DMs, invoicing and keeping track of finances, creating reports, slides and Excel spreadsheets.  These are all tasks we can help you out with.

Can a personal assistant work from home?

As has been seen over the past couple of years it is possible for a personal assistant to work from home.  To do this they utilise software to be able to perform their duties.  One such piece of software is LastPass which allows a client to give a PA access to their software without them actually knowing the password.  Thus, it’s a great tool to use.

Online Personal Assistant UK

What skills should a personal assistant have?

IT Skills:  An important skill set they should have is IT literacy.  Having a BSc in computer studies I have the relevant qualifications and experience to tackle most IT tasks.  I can learn new software fast and utilise the features to get the best out of the software.

Attention to detail:  Another skill is to be thorough and pay attention to detail especially when performing such tasks as researching, sorting out travel arrangements and diary management. 

You can easily hire a virtual personal assistant to organise all your meeting needs including the agenda, arranging attendees, dictation of the meeting and producing minutes of the meeting.

Why should you hire a virtual PA?

Cost savings is the biggest advantage of using a virtual PA.  Hiring an employee or using a temp can be both costly and time consuming.  Check out the cost savings of using a Virtual Assistant.

When should you hire a personal assistant?

Hiring a personal assistant may seem unnecessary when you first start a business.  But a good mentor will tell you that to make more money you should hire a personal assistant immediately.  However, you will be thinking that you can’t afford a virtual assistant right from the outset but think about what you earn hourly.  Let’s take an example of a consultant that earns £60 per hour and is doing all their own admin tasks.  By hiring a VA that costs £27 per hour to do those admin tasks then the consultant would be able to work that hour and make £33 per hour.  

So to grow your business it makes sense to hire an online virtual personal assistant.

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