Social Media VA

Social Media VA

What does a social media VA do?

A social media VA can do a number of tasks for your business.  These include:

  • Providing a social media strategy for you to grow your business.
  • Set up your social media profiles.
  • Create content for your social media.
  • Schedule content to your social media platforms using the best frequency at the optimal times.
  • Engage with your potential future customers.
  • Answer queries or DMs.
  • Grow your audience.

What are the most important benefits of using a social media va?

Time Savings

As a business owner there is so much to do such as social media, book-keeping, find new clients while still looking after your current clients.  For instance, if you’re a coach you ideally want to spend as much time coaching people rather than the mundane tasks such as finding content for your social media posts.  After all that is what you started your business to do.  By outsourcing your social media this allows you to coach more clients. 

Money Savings

Using the example of a business coach, and say your potential hourly rate is £60.  When you are doing your social media it is costing you £60 per hour.  However, if you were to hire a virtual assistant it would cost you around £30 per hour.   Therefore, outsourcing your social media has huge cost savings to your business.

Increased Engagements

A social media virtual assistant will engage with people on your social media platforms with the potential of them becoming a new customer.

A Full time Employee vs a social media va

So your business is growing and you are contemplating taking on a full time employee.  First of all, let’s look at the cost comparison of a full time employee vs virtual assistant.

You can save OVER £43,000 ($60,000)  year by using a competent va.  Check out the full article on virtual assistant savings.

Full time employee is permanent whereas a VA is a contractor

To find that perfect full time employee can be a long drawn out process.  Once you have that employee and they are not as perfect as you thought, then you can’t just fire them. Also, you will need to ensure you have enough work for them to do to fill their day. A virtual assistant will have terms and conditions and generally you will need to give a month’s notice.  So if things change e.g. health deterioration etc then it is much easier to end the arrangement.

Training a full time employee vs a social media va

You will need to find time to train an employee whereas a social media va will already have the skills to perform their social media tasks.  An experienced social media va will examine what you currently have in place and devise a strategy from that.

How can a social media va help grow my business?

As mentioned above by giving you more time to work on the main objective of your business e.g. coaching clients, developing software etc you can subsequently think about growing your business.

What platforms can a virtual assistant help me with?

A social media va can help a business on a number of platforms including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


Some businesses choose to only have a Facebook business page and it’s important that this is updated regularly with relevant content.  We can create a Facebook business page for you.  Optimising it for your business and adding suitable graphics.

Contact us now to see how a social media virtual assistant can help to support your business and help your business grow.