Virtual Secretary UK

Virtual Secretary UK

What is a Virtual Secretary UK?

A virtual secretary UK is an experienced secretary who provides admin and secretarial tasks remotely.  These services can be utlilised by small businesses, coaches, real estate agents, authors, students, plus anyone who needs support.

How can a secretary help my business?

A secretary can help a business in lots of different ways.  For instance, a solicitor can outsource their audio transcription to cover absenteeism or holidays.  Plus, it’s a very simply process for digital audio files to be uploaded to our secure transcription flow software. 

In addition, our pricing is simple for clear audio with 2-3 speakers and we offer a 5, 2 and 1 working day turnarounds.  For more difficult audio you will need to request a quote.

One task that businesses can find difficult to keep on top of is their social media and this is where a virtual secretary can help you.  We can create content, post it and provide engagement on your social media profiles.

What virtual services do you offer?

We offer a wide range of virtual services including:

Audio Transcription

Social Media Management

WordPress Website Creation

Email Management

Website Maintenance


Creating Forms and Templates

Kindle eBook Creation

Excel Spreadsheet Creation

Project Management

Plus much more.

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What can a virtual assistant do for me as an author?

Have you always wanted to write a book but you are not able to type?  Well that isn’t a problem for us.  We have years of typing experience and we are happy to type up your handwritten notes or your audio files.

Furthermore, I have helped many authors to get their book onto digital format and they can see their dream become a reality on paper.  

Writing a book/novel is a great achievement and one that you may have wanted to do for years.  Don’t put it off any longer – let us help you. 

As mentioned before, audio files can be simply uploaded on this website.  However, we require payment in advance and the manuscript must be finished.  

In addition, we have experience of creating eBooks to go on Amazon kdp (Kindle Direct Publishing) in the .mobi format.   Check out some we have done here.

Virtual Secretary UK Software

How can a virtual secretary manage my emails?

You can use software to give an online virtual secretary access to your emails without them knowing your password.  For example some software available is LassPassDashlane and 1Password. 

Furthermore, lasspass is easy to use and you would simply right click on your email, select share and enter the email address of your virtual secretary.

How does a virtual office secretary work with you as a client?

Virtual office secretarial services are on the increase.  As such there is a vast amount of great software that allows a virtual online secretary to carry out tasks easier.  Check out this list of software that can be used by a Virtual Assistant.

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