150+ Tasks Your Business can Outsource to Save Money and Time

Want to outsource tasks to save time and money?

It’s a no brainer really.  You want your business to grow but you’re not quite ready to employ someone.  That’s when you can use the services of a Virtual Assistant such as myself!

As a business owner you can easily outsource tasks to a Virtual Assistant.  I’ve also outsourced tasks in the past when I’m busy and stressed.

In addition, I will look at an incredible 150+ ideas of what a Virtual Assistant can do for a business.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

I’m sure you’ve heard of a VA and the benefits but you might not realise how valuable they can be to your business.  A Virtual Assistant is a self-employed, highly skilled individual. They offer virtual secretarial services that are usually done by in-house PAs or secretaries.

However, they are based in their own office. Therefore, they provide their services remotely.  You may never meet your VA in person.  Everything is done online. This is an idea that some people find hard to grasp.  Now, let’s look at the many benefits.

What are the Benefits of outsourcing tasks to a Virtual Assistant?

The benefits to a business are vast. These include:

  • Only pay for the time that you use.  You could use a VA for a one off project or just one hour if needed.
  • You don’t have to pay any employee benefits such as holiday pay, sick pay, and pensions which can really add up.
  • Will not have to buy or lease new equipment.  A VA has the equipment needed to work remotely
  • Has no employee responsibility.
  • There are no training costs.  You will have a highly specialised person without all the training costs.
  • Can gain access to expertise you may not have in their business.
  • Utilise the time saved to generate more sales.
  • You will have total flexibility.
  • Will not need to find desk space etc.
  • So all in all a VA will save you money again and again and again.

How to Outsource Tasks to a Virtual Assistant

The majority of VAs work from home.  Hence, all their work is delivered online.

Unfortunately, the idea of working remotely can be difficult for some people to grasp.  Hence, a VA will need to talk to their clients on how they will work together.

For others, the concept is easy. My services are used by clients on an ad-hoc basis. I perform website maintenance for clients as far away as Bermuda.

A Virtual Assistant will use a number of tools depending on the delegated task.  Here is a full list of software a Virtual Assistant can use.

As an example, you could decide to outsource tasks such as HR transcription of disciplinaries and grievances.  This is a service I provide and my clients can easily upload files via my website.

Why Would a Business Outsource Tasks to a Virtual Assistant?

Well, the most obvious reason is that Virtual Assistants save businesses money. This is because it’s much cheaper to use a VA than to employ a person.

This post compares the cost of a full-time employee vs a virtual assistant to show the cost savings to a business.

Let’s Compare Virtual Assistants vs Temps


No Repetitive Training: A Virtual Assistant will provide you with a consultation to establish your requirements. You will only need to explain your methods once and the details will be recorded for the next time you use the services.


Repetitive training: Generally when you hire a temp on an adhoc basis it will be a different temp each time (a good temp will be on other assignments). When you hire a temp they will need to be trained, introduced to the staff etc. This can take half a day.

No Time Wastage: Only time that is actually worked on a project is recorded and charged for.

Time Wastage: You will pay a temp for coffee breaks, chats by the photocopier, and time spent using the facilities!

No Minimum Hire: If required, a Virtual Assistant can be hired for one hour only.

Minimum HireA temp cannot be hired for one hour only and most temps want long term assignments.

Professionalism: Virtual Assistants are self-employed professionals. It is important to exceed the client’s expectations so that their services are used again.

Professionalism: It is very rare that a temp will return to the same company, so there will be no need to make an impression. A temp is less likely to be proactive.

Cost: Initial cost may be more but in the long run there will be cost savings to using a Virtual Assistant.

Lower Cost: The initial cost would be lower.  However, taking into consideration the above, a temp would cost more over a period of time.

Let’s compare Virtual Assistants vs Permanent Employees


Workload: You can utilize the services of a Virtual Assistant as and when required or on a retainer basis.


Constant Workload:  You will need to find constant work for a permanent employee. Otherwise, there will be times when they are sitting around doing nothing.  This will cost you money.

No Space Required: No additional space is required for a Virtual Assistant as they work from their own home office. 

Space: An office desk and space is required for a permanent employee.

No Employee Overheads: An employer does not have to pay a VA for any overheads such as holiday pay, sickness, maternity leave etc.

Employee Overheads: There are a number of employee overheads that you will need to pay.  These include holidays, sickness, maternity leave and a pension.

Equipment: A VA will have their own equipment.  An employer would only need to purchase specialised software they need a VA to use.

Equipment: Equipment such as a computer is required for a permanent employee.

Who Can Virtual Assistants Work With?

A Virtual Assistant is ideal for small and growing businesses, entrepreneurs, online marketers and consultants.  I have provided virtual secretarial services for a wide variety of clients including:

  • Sofware consultant
  • NHS consultant
  • Dog walking/boarding company
  • Professional golfer
  • Webdesigner
  • Personal Coach
  • Social club
  • Property management company
  • Author of children’s books
  • Leadership development consultant
  • Online children’s guide website
  • Large supermarket
  • Students
  • Estate agents
  • Local authors

How varied a list is that?

There are Virtual Assistants that offer general admin and secretarial services.

Alternatively, there are others that specialize in services such as internet marketing or social media.

If you want to become a Virtual Assistant then check out these posts:

How to become a Virtual Assistant

Skills a Virtual Assistant should possess

So let’s look at over 150+ tasks that Virtual Assistants can do for a business.

Outsource Tasks such as Typing:

  1.          Flip charts
  2.          Standard Operating Procedures
  3.          Curriculum Vitae’s
  4.          Property management documentation – e.g. customer licence, agreements
  5.          Terms and conditions
  6.          Agreements
  7.          Business plans
  8.          Professional templates
  9.          Printables
  10.        Typing and formatting eBooks
  11.         Letterheads
  12.         Posters / Flyers
  13.         Formatting Scripts
  14.         Letters
  15.         Product Specifications
  16.         Formatting of Dissertations / Thesis

Outsource Tasks – Audio Transcription:

  1.         Grievance and disciplinary hearings
  2.         University interviews for dissertations
  3.         Focus groups (these are difficult to do!)
  4.         Journalist interviews
  5.         Legal transcription
  6.         Medical transcription
  7.         Research transcription
  8.         Recordings of books
  9.         Podcasts
  10.         YouTube videos

General Admin Outsourcing:

  1.         Add businesses to business directories
  2.         Admin support
  3.         Booking confirmations
  4.         Appointment setting
  5.         Receipting payments
  6.         Mail merges
  7.         Personal Assistant
  8.         Data entry
  9.         Updating Customer Relationship Management software

Database Management:

  1.         Creating Access Database
  2.         Managing customer details
  3.         Creating Forms in databases
  4.         Producing reports from Access

Outsource Your Social Media:

  1.         Setting up Facebook pages
  2.         Set up social media accounts such as Twitter
  3.         Write engaging posts
  4.         Gain Followers
  5.         Maintain social media accounts
  6.         Pinterest Virtual Assistant
  7.         Using Tailwind to schedule pins
  8.         Designing Pinterest pins
  9.         Create a social media strategy
  10.         Conduct social media audits
  11.         LinkedIn profiles
  12.         Influencer Marketer
  13.         Instagram Profile Researchers

Running Online Campaigns:

53.          Run Facebook campaigns
54.          Create Bing campaigns
55.          Google Adwords
56.          Facebook Ads
57.          LinkedIn Ads

Excel Spreadsheet Services:

  1.         Raise purchase orders
  2.         Invoice clients
  3.         Create bespoke spreadsheets
  4.         Forecast spreadsheets
  5.         Spreadsheets to hold client data
  6.         Year-end accounts
  7.         Transfer documents from PDF to Excel
  8.         Data Analysis

Powerpoint Outsourcing Services:

  1.         Animated PowerPoint
  2.         Adding Video to PowerPoint
  3.         Saving to PDF
  4.         Create presentations
  5.         Improve PowerPoint presentations

Outsource Research Tasks:

  1.         Research for business plan
  2.         Recruitment research
  3.         Travel research
  4.         Data and Information gathering on businesses
  5.         Cold calling
  6.         Research suppliers

Email Management Services:

  1.         Managing Emails – sorting and replying
  2.         Email marketing campaigns
  3.         Mailchimp email upload
  4.         Sort out email issues

Design Tasks to Oursource:

  1.         Resize images
  2.         Photo retouching and editing of images
  3.         Banners
  4.         Logo
  5.         Infographics
  6.         Create Canva designs
  7.         Wedding stationery
  8.         Company brochures
  9.         Illustrations
  10.         Brand design
  11.         Calendar design
  12.         Planners
  13.         Designs for printing on fabric
  14.         Ebook cover design
  15.         CD design
  16.         Business cards
  17.         Promotional memes
  18.         T-shirts and merchandise
  19.         Tattoo design
  20.       Game art

Website Development, maintenance and programming

  1.         Build a WordPress Site
  2.         Install a WordPress Theme
  3.         Maintain a business site / blog site
  4.         Backup WordPress Database
  5.         Sort out WordPress issues
  6.         Add WordPress plugins
  7.         Incorporate forms into WordPress
  8.         Create an ecommerce store
  9.         Build a drop-shipping site
  10.         Website audit for SEO
  11.         Transferring blogs / websites
  12.         Improve design of a website
  13.         Integrate social media with website
  14.         Shopify expert to increase sales
  15.         Mobile app design
  16.         Coding
  17.         Reach out to other websites for links
  18.         HTML Templates
  19.         Sorting out hacked sites

Freelance Writer

  1.         Creating articles and blog posts
  2.         Writing emails for marketing campaigns
  3.         Press Releases
  4.         CV rewrites
  5.         Cover letters
  6.         Technical writing
  7.         White papers
  8.         Social media copy
  9.         Personal statements
  10.         Creating LinkedIn Profiles
  11.         Ad copy
  12.         Sales copy
  13.         Product descriptions
  14.         Scriptwriting
  15.         Speechwriting
  16.         Creative writing
  17.         Course creation
  18.         Legal writing

Virtual Assistant Video Editing Expert

  1.         Edit business videos
  2.         Make professional business videos
  3.         YouTube Promotion
  4.         Animated GIFs
  5.         Logo Animation

Ebay Virtual Assistant

  1.         Storefront brand and design
  2.         eBay templates
  3.         Help to increase eBay sales
  4.         eBay listings

Amazon Virtual Assistant

  1.         Amazon listings
  2.         Improve listings
  3.         Source new products
  4.         Amazon FBA Expert

More Specialized Virtual Assistants

151.         Affiliate Marketing
152.         Web Traffic
153.         Search Engine Optimization
154.         Proofreading and editing
155.         Ebook Conversions
156.         Create Proposals
157.         CAD drawings
158.         DPA/GDPR & Policy Support
159.         Setup a course using teachable etc.
160.         Launch a product
161.         Terms Writing
162.         Translation Virtual Assistant
162.         New company set up
163.         Voice overs
164.         Remote fixing of slow laptop
165.         Story narration
166.         Caricature drawings
167.         Project management
168.         Pattern design
169.         Lead generation
170.         Funnel design
171.         Remove malware

Farewell Thoughts: Businesses are realising that outsourcing their PA and more specialized services to a Virtual Assistant has real cost and time savings to them.  We are seeing so much more outsourcing than when I first started out.  If you’re looking for a Virtual Assistant check out Help on Tap.  The trend for using Virtual Assistants to outsource tasks is set to grow.

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