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Disciplinary Hearings / Grievance Hearings

Disciplinary Hearing

Why record a disciplinary or grievance?

Disciplinary hearings and grievance hearings are a necessity in business. It is important that all facts are accurately captured.  In order to do this you will need to record the meeting.  

If you were to only take notes then there could be a dispute about what was actually said.  

Having an accurate transcript is where we can help you.  

Ultimately, your goal is to capture an accurate account of events in order to give a fair decision.

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First and foremost confidentiality is our number one priority.  As such we ask all our typists to sign a confidentiality agreement.

In addition, our transcription system is GDPR compliant and you can simply sign in to retrieve your transcript.  This is much more secure than sending the transcript via email.

Your main objective in a disciplinary hearing is to get to the facts. 

As a manager, you can only base your decision on facts. So, recording the hearing will result in a digital audio file that can be accurately transcribed. Thus, you can then print these out and highlight the facts in the text. 

Ultimately, this can help you to achieve a fair outcome.  

If an employee goes to a tribunal a transcript of the meeting will need to be submitted.  As you can imagine it is extremely important it is accurate.

You can be assured that all our transcripts are quality checked for accuracy.

To have your disciplinary or grievance meeting transcribed check out our prices here.

Why choose Help on Tap?

  • Quality checked for accuracy
  • Never miss a deadline
  • Experts in transcription and typing
  • Save time by outsourcing
  • Save money by outsourcing

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We have provided confidential disciplinary and grievance transcription for over 8 years. 

We also provide academic transcription